People driven by curiosity and courage have always strived to see deeper connections, find new perspectives on their lives and become both wiser and more effective in what they do.

And they always dreamed of a world that makes that easier. Looking at the big leaps of deep thought allows…

Information consumption peaks. Social media, newsletters, podcasts… Our minds are filled with a fire hose, yet many of us feel empty.

Our Twitter feed is overloaded with valuable wisdom statements. But coming across them only once, reduces the value to a fortune cookie. We stumble upon inspiring thoughts every day…

Every time we grab our phone, thousands of years of human thought are right at our fingertips. But does it make our daily actions any wiser? Do we feel more clarity? Unfortunately, our brains are ill-equipped to make sense of abundant information.

“In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity…


We build a beautiful system to collect knowledge and see connection.

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