• Ekaterina Ziateva

    Ekaterina Ziateva

  • Kenny


  • Doug Barry

    Doug Barry

  • Piritta V

    Piritta V

    I’m in the process of changing careers to become a Social Data Scientist. My blog is a journal of my journey from zero to an actual professional.

  • Matt Kurowski

    Matt Kurowski

    Senior consultant and advisor for sustainable organisational innovation (SMEs); industry fellow at RMIT School of Design. https://mattkurowski.carrd.co

  • Tyler Steben

    Tyler Steben

  • stephane adamiak

    stephane adamiak

    Seeking the mix between stories, interactivity and communities since last century * Transmedia Projects Manager @ Orange Content Division - @transmedialab team

  • Austin Moss

    Austin Moss

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